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Go Ask Alice Essay, Research Paper

Summary of the Plot:

The novel, Go Ask Alice, is basically about a 15-year old girl who subjects herself to drugs. At first she is in love with Roger and comes from a loving home, but is also very curious about drugs. She ends up running away, which didn’t last, comes home just in time for Christmas, clean of drugs, starts up again and runs away. After all that she goes through, she loses her grandparents in the time period of two months, and ends up in a mental institution. After she pleads that it was only an accident she finally gets to go home. At the end she decides not to keep a diary anymore and she died three weeks later of an overdose.

Significance of the Title:

In my own opinion, I believe that the title, Go Ask Alice, means that you can ask Alice anything about drugs if you are curious. Once you learn of her mistakes, maybe you won’t follow in her footsteps and ruin your life, like thousands of teenagers do every year, by reading about what happened to her when she was curious about using drugs and what they would do for her. In her diary, I believe she is trying to tell us that drugs are not the answer to solving your problems.

Impressions and Changes in the Main Character:

My first impression of the narrator was that she was a sweet, talented young woman. It seemed as though she had it all; a loving, caring family, great friends, and then it happened. Once she tried the drugs was when her whole life and personality changed completely. She ended up in the mental institution by tripping out, only it was by accident and in the end, she lost her life.

Memorable Passage:

There were a lot of memorable passages that I will remember from this story, but one that I will always carry with me would have to be the following passage:

“December 3 – Last night was the worst night of my? it was no wonder he was out of control.” Pages 67 – 68. That made a great impression on me. Thinking that if I were anywhere close to subjecting myself to this kind of tragedy, I will remember this passage always.

Significance of Reading This Story:

One of the discoveries that I learned in the story was that a thousand teens die each year by subjecting themselves to drugs. Also, I learned that subjecting yourself to drugs will not solve any of your problems. One change in my life is that now I know I will not ever let myself be the least bit interested in drugs, not even if my life is gone to nothing. My parents have told me that teenagers are always willing to try new things, and very often, it happens. With drugs being the topic here, I do believe that I will never let myself ever be the least bit interested. This book really had nothing very enlightening. It was very sorrowful and bitter. One affirmation I made after reading this book is that teens are going to be curious about anything. Some of them will be curious about drugs when they have nothing else going for them. After they start, thinking things will get better, they will actually only get worse. Therefore, in conclusion, I believe that drugs are not an answer to any prayers. In time, your life will only get worse if you subject yourself to using drugs.

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