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A.) In my view, no one person that I know takes pride in their work, a lot do. I believe that all artists and

writers take the most pride in their work. They all work long hard hours, getting paid little or none, and

once their masterpiece is completed, they are satisfied. They know that it doesn?t matter if they get paid

anything (even though it would help) as long as they take pride in their work and are satisfied with their

work. These people will only be happy with perfection and will work months and months if not years on a

single piece of what expresses their feelings and pride best. This is the way I would like to grow up, happy

with my success and my talent. Although I might not grow up being an artist, I feel that these are basic

morals that every successful person should have. Some people are talented but do not take pride in their

work and they never really become very successful. To me, these are the people who take the most pride in

their work, the !

artists and writers.

B.) People that I believe that show the most empathy for others are believe it or not, psychiatrists. It is part

of their everyday job putting themselves in someone else?s shoes. They imagine how they would react and

feel if they were experiencing how the people that they are counseling are feeling. They also imagine how

they would react and what they feel would be the best solution to the problem. This characteristic that they

display is a great example of empathy in my mind. It is easy enough to suggest a solution to one?s problem

but it takes a hard thinking person to make their mindset the same as the person in need. As I grow up, I

hope to acquire this trait. I believe that right now, I do not try to put myself in someone else?s shoes but it

is something I am trying to work on. Some people may disagree, but I believe that these are the most

empathetic people there are.

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