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The New cHaOtiC World

Three completely different cultures clashed together and triggered the confusions all three worlds had against each other. All their misunderstandings then turned into a whole New World that still remains. Today, this New World is one of the main confinements for crimes. Religiously, the complexity of the unfamiliar Gods they believe existed had caused the big misconception. Socially, they were mystified with how different each society was handle and where they belonged in the society. Environmentally, they believed in two distinct ways to used nature in the most efficient way for them. The culture differences caused by the invasion of the Europeans into the worlds of the Africans and Native Americans still remains in this New World we call United States today.

Riots, murders, and discrimination is happening everyday in the United States due to religion. Religion, still a major problem we have today was one of the main differences the three worlds had faced. Europeans were monotheistic and had the religion most people of the United States have today. They were Christians and wanted to convert any people into believing their God. Missionaries were built to convince the Africans and Native Americans into Christianity. Yet, both the Africans and Native Americans were polytheistic. Even with the same concept of multiple Gods their beliefs were entirely different. The Native Americans practiced a religion called animism and believed spirits exist in nature. On the other side, Africans believed in spirits not of the nature but in their ancestors. They worshiped their ancestors and were loyal to their family or tribe.

A dagger made by a Native American can be from any part of a tree, a rock and some vine to tight the whole thing together. Their belief in nature possessed with spirits made them show credence to the anything they owned. Considering everything being so sacred, they valued everything they had no matter how useless it might be to the Europeans and that makes them utilitarian. No matter how useless the Europeans might ve thought rain was the Native American would praise to thank the Gods whenever they got it. Another reason they behave this way is the advanced technology they lacked from the Europeans so they appreciated everything that was essential to their life. The Europeans were absolutely the opposite of how the Native Americans and Africans lived. They had all the advanced technology the two other worlds lacked. Worth and power were measured either by the technology they possessed and definitely money. They think their superior to the Native Americans and Africans by their worth and power . Europeans wanted to civilize both the Native Americans and Africans. They blamed a burden they had for miscalling and using the Africans as slaves. They make inventions not because they needed it but wanted it. Actually the Europeans are comparable to us. We act the same, when we want something we buy and don t we all criticize people who are different sometimes?

With all the technology we have today, we want to have it all without anyone s hands on it. We are similar as the European as they are greedy like us. Native American s being Utilitarian made them less self-center and more group oriented. Being less selfish, they were equally distributed. Gender roles didn t matter to the Native Americans. Female had a crucial role in the society unless Europeans females only had a small role and lots of restrictions in the society. Even though female s role in society is climbing up successfully, there are some parts of the United States today where females are still excluded. Similar to the Native Americans Africans had a tribal society. They were both communal with their tribe .

From the first day Europeans set foot in America and Africa the violence started and led on still to this day. The old world was bad but we as the new world are even worst. We look back and see the same violence going on now but we still never stop. These three violence are recognized but we why are we still letting them happen

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