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We often have misconceptions with people. When I was in fifth grade my parents presented me with a new electronic game, called Sega. The reason for that is, because I studied hard and was obedient. The game was placed into the corner of my room next to TV.

At that time I was the only child in the family so I was in need of somebody with whom I could play or sit at home when my parents were at work. The only person I have is my cousin Roman who used to visit me a lot. He was older than I am by to years. I had a lot of video games which could be played on Tv. On weekends he was coming often than on a week days. We played a lot in our spare time. My cousin loved to play with me because I was a good competitor. We had a lot of fun being together.

Once my parents went shopping, my mother told me to wash the dishes. I told my mom that I would do that immediately. Furthermore, Roman came by to visit me. We talked for a while about new video games. Afterwards, I told him that I had an assignment to do. He asked me if he could play some games while I was doing my assignment. I told him that I didn’t mind that at all. When I finished my assignment, I went back into my room. When I entered, I saw Roman leaving. I asked him, “Why are you leaving, don’t you want to play with me.”

He answered, “No, I am sorry, I promised to my parents to go to park with them.”

I said, “Ok, no problem.” When he left, I locked the door and headed into my room. I grabbed a book and tried to convince myself to read a couple of pages, but got bored and wanted to play some games. I turned the Tv and my electronic game on but the tape wasn’t working. I tried to turn it off and on but it still gave me the same result. At that time I was sure that Roman had something to do with it. Moreover, when I entered the room after my parent’s assignment, I had noticed that something was wrong with Roman. He acted weirdly and was in a little rush.

When my parents came home, I told them that after they left, Roman came to visit and while I was washing the dishes he was playing the video games. Moreover, when I finished washing the dishes I saw Roman leaving. I asked him what was the reason. He told me that his parents waited for him to go to park. Afterwards, I tried to play my favorite game “street fighter,” but it wasn’t functioning well. They told me that he might be scared to say that he broke it somehow.

I was sad because I wasn’t able to play that game. Moreover, I was upset because of our misconception with Roman. I think that Roman should’ve told me what happened. Then I thought of him as my enemy.

After two days my cousin appeared in our house and told my parents what happened. My parents told him that he was wrong because of not telling them what happened. He told them that he was scared to tell it to me. Then, my cousin told me that the tape fell down and got broken. He said that he did it unintentionally and was sorry.

In conclusion, I think that it that the biggest misconception of my life because I didn’t expect that from my best friend Roman. I have a wish to not have a misconception with anybody because the best friends may become the biggest enemies.

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