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The name of the article I selected for this writing assignment is called Sacred.

This particular article is about natural an unnatural phenomenon. There are certain

places around the Earth that people tend to ?see? things. These people see things that

they can not explain. These sightings are usually written off to be either fake, home-made

pictures, or even conjured up stories for media attention. Well, in this case, Dr. Perzinger

has a little different light to shine on this subject.

Dr. Perzinger believes these people are in fact taking proper photographs of these

sightings, and he believes all of these stories that people are telling are in fact true. He

does not agree though with the explanations that the people give for their sightings.

Dr. Perzinger has scientific explanations for at least 99% of these sightings. Dr. Perzinger

views all of this earth as a gigantic, magnetic force as well as humans do. Human brains

run off of electrical impulses. Therefore, if there is a burst of magnetic fluctuation it

skelters the brain waves and makes the brain either confused which in turn presents the

brain with either a miss-representation of sight or hallucination. Certain places around the

world such as, Mt. Fuji, and Devils Tower, in Wyoming, produce an enormous amount of

electrical fields. If you know enough about electricity then you know it works off of

impulses and therefore you cant have a constant circuit. If there is rock or other types of

conductors under the ground, then there is a definite possibility the current could come

and go as quickly or slowly as it wants. So, when people see things fly across the sky, they

could either be hallucinating due to the magnetic field, or the ?other? possibility.

The other type of sighting that could be scientifically explained would be once

again, magnetic force theory. This other theory deals with the forces of nature itself and

does not have anything to do with the brain. This nature theory deals with lightening and

the sun. The type of lightning they call ball lightning, refers to little balls of lightning.

Since regular lightning is just static electricity and can form anywhere, it pleases and

can travel in any direction more static takes it. This means, it can move horizontally and

vertically, depending upon the nature of the static provided. Most of the time it is

vertically, due to the fact there is a tall metal object near but there have been some

instances where it has moved vertically. With ball lightning a ball appears and then shoots

off in its direction it takes and is vanished, this would explain the oval shapes and spheres

people see in the desert. The sun once again is a colossal magnetic field. Although it is

said to be huge ball of fire it is still magnetically charged. When we encounter these

things called sun spots, and solar flares, Earth actually feels some effects from it. The sun

spots, and solar flares shoot off an electrical charge that will eventually hit the Earth and

when it does, it react with the pre-existing magnetic charges with the Earth and produces

lights. This is the explanation for the sighting of the lights.

The reason I chose this particular article was because I am interested in celestial,

and close encounter sightings. I would definitely be interested in knowing if there

actually is something else existing in the universe with us. I thought I would find informa-

tion about the different rock formations and special monuments around the world but

instead I found out about sightings and different psychological and natural explanations

for these unexplained phenomenon?s.

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