Choice And Chance


Choice And Chance Essay, Research Paper

Choice and Chance

In The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet there are many instances in which

choice and chance play a key part in what occurs in the play. If these chances

were not taken or by chance did not occur maybe Romeo and Juliet would have

escaped to Mantua. Although in the end their course was predetermined, it could

have been altered in many different sections.

To start, Romeo had many choices to make. In turn they all went against

him and resulted in his death. But what if he had not married Juliet and still

moped for Rosaline? Would Romeo and Juliet be a great literary work, or a dull

story about a young man that is not worthy of the paper on which it is printed?

Romeo was a good friend to most. Unless, of course, your name is Mercutio.

Why did Romeo step in and stop his duel with Tybalt? If he had kept to himself

than maybe Mercutio would be banished for killing Tybalt, and not Romeo.

Would Romeo and Juliet s marriage have ended the long feud then, or would this

be to no avail? Juliet made a life or death choice in going to the friar about her

ailing soul. If she did not go to see the friar than maybe she would have used the

dagger and killed herself that night. Would Romeo have gone to see Juliet at the

tomb? Would Romeo have killed Paris then? Or would he run into him on the

way to the Capulet s Tomb again? Would the Friar have come clean with the two

families or would he have kept his little secrets that lead to the deaths of two

star-crossed lovers? All of these choices were made and greatly impacted the

outcome of the play.

Chance is the risk we take in judging what we think will be the right

decision. Romeo took many chances throughout the play. Such as, when he

decided to go to the Capulet ball. If he were discovered he could be killed, or

challenged to a duel. By chance, Tybalt heard his voice and alerted Lord Capulet

of the intruders. Luckily enough Lord Capulet was in a lenient mood and did

nothing about it. The biggest chance throughout the entire play was taken by

Juliet Capulet. The special potion that the friar gave her could have very well

been poison. What if she took it, but she woke up too soon? She would certainly

die of the horrid stench of the generations of dead bodies in the tomb. If it were

poison, would the friar have, eventually, come clean with the two families or

would he have kept his secrets through to his own grave? Romeo was not the

smartest of fellows. He went to speak with Juliet while she was at her balcony. If

he were discovered he would certainly have been killed. But, he was heart struck

by his new true love, and had to speak with her just once more.

In conclusion, many choices and chances took part in making The Tragedy

of Romeo and Juliet a great literary work. Shakespeare had a brilliant mind for

writing plays. He intentionally left all of those what ifs to keep the audience awe

struck at what was going on. If an alternate making of decisions was made than

who knows, maybe it would be called The comedy of Romeo and Juliet.

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