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Youth : Then & Now Essay, Research Paper

Youth : Then & Now

The spirit of youth has changed dramatically since the days of

Joseph Conrad and his story, “Youth.” Conrad strongly emphasises the

desire and strong will of the young crewmen. Whereas, today’s youth do

not posses he drive and motivation of their ancestors. All in all, it

is clear through the passing time, attitudes have changed.

1 “O Youth! The strength of it, the faith of it, the imagination

of it!” Conrad’s example of youth powerfully describes the greatness of

it all. Marlow and the other young crewmen possessed this quality of

youth and powerfully exemplified it on the treacherous voyage of the Judea.

The youth of today, as many feel, do not have the strong characteristics of

past generations. One hundred years ago, a young man may have gone on a

dangerous voyage like Marlow, but a young man today leads a more secure,

cushioned life.

The changes in attitudes over time may be due to the fact that

today’s generations do not have nearly as many hardships as in the past.

With all the technology and scientific breakthroughs, have it easy.

To conquer a problem in a modern lifestyle today, is to have a steady

source of income. In retrospect, today’s youth benefit much greater than

the youth of the past. Although the youth of the past benefit in the fact

that they accomplished thier goals, and have many special memories to

reflect on, as Marlow did.

1. Joseph Conrad, “Youth,” Story and Structure

Laurence Perrine (ed) (Toronto, Harcourt & Brace, 1966)

p. 14


Conrad, Joseph “Youth” Story and Structure.

Perrine, Laurence. Toronto. Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc.


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