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Microsoft Windows 95 README for Microsoft Windows

August 1996


(c) Copyright Microsoft Corporation, 1996




To view Readme.txt on screen in Notepad, maximize the Notepad window.

To print Readme.txt, open it in Notepad or another word processor,

then use the Print command on the File menu.



In addition to Readme.txt, Windows 95 provides the following readme


Config.txt Contains syntax information for commands you use

with your Config.sys file.

Display.txt Provides information about how to configure

and correct problems for available drivers

and how to obtain additional display drivers.

Exchange.txt Provides information to help you set up and

run Windows Messaging.

Extra.txt Provides information about where to find

additional Windows 95 files, such as updates

and drivers, in addition to files available

only in the CD-ROM version of Windows 95.

Faq.txt Answers frequently asked questions about

Windows 95.

General.txt Provides information about startup problems,

the programs that come with Windows 95, disk

tools, disks and CDs, drivers, removable media,

Microsoft FAX, and pen services.

This file also contains last-minute information

received too late to include in the other readme

files. For example, if you have a question about

a printer, it would be helpful to look in

General.txt as well as in Printers.txt.

Hardware.txt Provides information about known problems and

workarounds for hardware. You may also need

to refer to Printers.txt or Mouse.txt for

specific problems.

Infrared.txt Contains information about installing and

troubleshooting infrared services on your


Internet.txt Provides information to help you connect to

the Internet if you haven’t done so already.

Also provides information about where to

download Microsoft’s new Web browser,

Internet Explorer.

Mailnews.txt Provides information to help you install,

configure, and troubleshoot Microsoft

Internet Mail and News.

Mouse.txt Provides information about known problems

and workarounds specifically for mouse and

keyboard problems.

Msdosdrv.txt Contains syntax information for MS-DOS

device drivers. For additional help on MS-DOS

commands, see Config.txt. You can also use

command-line help at the command prompt by

typing /? following the command name.

Msn.txt Provides information to help you connect to

The Microsoft Network.

Netmeet.txt Provides information about using Microsoft

NetMeeting, as well as information about

known problems.

Network.txt Provides information about installing and

running network servers.

Printers.txt Provides information about known problems

and workarounds for printers.

Programs.txt Provides information and workarounds for

running some specific Windows-based and

MS-DOS-based programs with Windows 95.

Services.txt Provides information about selecting

accounts with online service providers.

Support.txt Provides information about how to get

additional support for Windows 95.

Tips.txt Contains an assortment of tips and tricks

for using Windows 95, most of which are not

documented in online Help or the printed book.

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