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Windows 3.0 Essay, Research Paper

Windows 3.0

With window’s 3.0, you can unleash the power of your 286 or 386 computer’s

protected mode. Unlike earlier releases that made you purchase separate versions

of Windows for different hardware, Windows 3.0 integrates in one package three

operating modes to derive maximum speed and functionality form your p.c.

If you want to use a mix of DOS and Windows applications, you can load

several applications, then switch between them without returning to the DOS

prompt. In fact, if you’re using a 386-based computer, Windows will let DOS

applications execute simultaneously with your Windows applications.Program

Manager presents your applications as icons you can run with a click of your

mouse and allows you to set up additional icons to run DOS, as well as Windows


I think Windows 3.0 is an excellent jump in computer technology, but

hopefully this will lead to further jumps as well!!

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