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Erik Gupta

Copyright is it wrong or right. I believe that copyright is wrong because think about it so any one could take some ones art works and sell it or post it on the net is that right. If that were legal no one would want to do any thing artistic because they would know it would be copied. It would put us back in the dark ages no one would want to paint, sing, or do any thing artistic.

As copyright says that know one can sell or copy any ones works with out consent of the creator. You may remember napster the music ?sharing? program, which was shut down. That was one of biggest copyright case ever. The reason it was one of the biggest cases was because no one was buying CDs.

Copyright is also over used a lot with such ideas as marten Luther king. Which his family charges people to use his work. I think that is morally wrong why would some want money for one the greaest men ever created works it should be public use.

There are also a lot of people who break the copyright law with web site and posters and speeches. The law is not informed enough because there are to many people out there breaking that law. It is not fair to people who

Also another problem is that every one disagrees with but they still keep doing it because they figure that IM just one person. How is one person will make difference to these big companies but there is millions of the people thinking the same thing.

Here is what the encyclopedia says about copyright is designed primarily to protect an artist, publisher, or other owner against any unauthorized copying of his works as by reproducing the work in any material form, publishing it, performing it in public, filming it, broadcasting.

Copyrights are designed to provide some form of protection against unauthorized use of original informational materials. The fast change of information production and distribution to electronic form, with its corresponding ease of copying, naturally makes copyright-dependent industries nervous. Much talk in the news and on the net these days is about the future of copyright law, a law developed in an age of print and now perhaps too tied to that medium to have ready application to today?s information technology.

Another copyright problem is that the law is out of date

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