What Is The Question That Is A


What Is The Question That Is A Question And Will Always Be A Question? Essay, Research Paper

In this life, the number of questions is almost

endless. There are so many answers we are in

search for, some of which we will never find. Is

there an answer for these questions? We may think

not, but ultimately there is. The amount and

effort of research determines the difficulty of

finding that answer. Every question but one has a

definite corresponding answer. What is that

question that remains a mystery? The answer is


Life has been a mystery since its origin, and

will probably remain that way forever. Life itself

is consisted of many questions. Who or what

created living things and the surrounding

environments?, How were we placed here?, and so

forth. All of these questions are very complex,

and have yet to be scientifically proven.

Therefore, life remains as the ultimate mystery.

An important factor is brought up when

discussing the answers to the numerous questions

regarding life. This factor is faith. Religions

around the world state that ?you must believe

without seeing?. Is this the valid and right way

to live by? That is up to the individual and the

way he feels towards the situation. He may feel

that having faith will eventually lead to the

correct answer to life and all its different


Was the action taken by this Supreme Being, of

leaving us in this state of great complexity and

confusion of not knowing these important answers,

done purposely? If so, for what reason? From the

appearance of the present society and the way it

functions, we will probably never know. This must

not be seen negatively, though. Destiny then must

be considered. Our lives are simply a story,

waiting for us to complete each segment of this

enormous plot, called our life.

What one?s view towards life is his choice, for

only he can decide that. It is a situation with no

scientific answer, therefore he does not have to

follow any belief issued by another?s opinion. We

are far from discovering the conclusions to these

intricate and complicated questions. No matter

how hard it is to concept and accept the fact that

we may probably never know these answers, we must

grasp our beliefs, whether it is abiding by faith

or seeking scientific answers, and allow destiny to

take its course.

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