The Use Of Force


The Use Of Force–A Review Essay, Research Paper

The Use of Force illustrates very well the feelings and emotions of a normally rational

person, who, for any reason, is subjected to a situation that causes much frustration and

anger. Most people have patience, but everyone has a breaking-point. The doctor found

his breaking point. It was almost frightening to read what the doctor was going to do next

to the little girl. What he did was no doubt justified, however, when he said “I could have

torn the child apart in my own fury and enjoyed it,” that shows a lack of self control.

I believe this story is very much like everyday life in the past few years. People

lose their tempers too easily instead of being patient and cooling off. A great example of

this is the Jerry Springer Show; people go to that show already very angry, and they think

that being on TV will aid them in resolving their conflicts. That is certainly not what

happens, though. One person almost always becomes enraged and physically attacks

another person. It’s sick. I see it in the hallways of our school. People lash out at anyone

for any reason-bumping into them. It is terrible. Just blow it off and calm down.

The story The Use of Force shows the evil side of a person. The doctor had to do

his job, but did not need to physically harm the little girl. His uncontrollable ferocity and

belligerence are startling, but it is sadly a common occurrence in the present.

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