The Little Girl


The Little Girl Essay, Research Paper

Her parents never took young girls to church,

Never spoke of his name,

Never read her his words,

Two non-beleivers walking lost in this world,

Took their baby with them, What a sad little girl.

Her daddy drank all day and her mommy did fuse,

Never wanted to play or give kisses and hugs,

she watched the Tv and sit there on that couch ,

While her mommmy fell asleep and her daddy went out.

And the drinking and the fighting ,

Just got worst evey night,

Behind their couch, she be hidding,

What a sad little life?

Like it always does the bad just got worst,

With every slap and every curse,

Until one day, her daddy in a drunk rage one night,

Used a gun on his mom and then took his life,

And some people from the city ,

Took the girl far away,

To a new mom and a new dad, kisses and hugs everyday.

Her first day of sunday school,

The teacher walked in , and a small little girl stared at a picture again,

She said I know that man right there on that cross,

I don’t know his name but I know he got on.

Because he was there in my old house,

kept me close to his side,

As I hid there behing our couch,

The night my parents died.

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