The Lion In Winter


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This movie takes place around the 12 century, in England, when a King named Henry II ruled. He had 3 sons and a beautiful princess who he adored. He was married but was he happily married? As the story unfolds you ll find out that they were miserably unhappy. The story falls around Christmas time, which I find kind of awkward. Christmas is a time for love and togetherness. Not for family Feuds and miss-habs. But if this story could have fallen any other time of the year I feel it should have fallen around Valentines Day. It would probably have more ump to it being that it was a time for love and all.

The mother and father, so consumed with power and material desires forget the love they had, the children they have and the life they could have had. Two people, who could now recapture their love and build up and support one another to be more than what they are, waste these few days together in bitter reproaches for the past. They cannot get past their bitter pasts and their fear of aging and death to see the love that they still bear each other.

While his children and his wife are planning to kill him and take the throne. He s not to slow to catch up on the news. He sends his three son s, Richard, lion-hearted, and the magna carta s king john, to the dungeon where they stay until his wife lets them out and gives them swords to kill her husband with. At the end she sails away and he is finally happy with a new woman. The only request she has, is that his kids stay in the dungeon till they die, well they got out but they got put back in.

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