The Lazarus Plot


The Lazarus Plot Essay, Research Paper

Me and my brother Frank are decideing to take a well deserved vacation to the north maine mountians when we got there frank stayed at the camp site setting up camp while i went for a walk through the woods but then to my surprise i saw my girlfriend which was supposed to have died when some terrorist had dropped a bomb on her car i tryed to run ‘owards her but she ran back into the woods so i went back to camp and explained the situation to Frank even though Frank didnt beleive me he went with me into the woods that i had last seen my girlfreind Iola as we went deeper into the woods we were suddenly shot at and were just able to hide behind a tree to escape the bullets after the shooting was over we decided to continue after the people who had fired at us when we caught up with them they were standing around so we jumped into action and made the men surrender . when we went a little deeper into the woods we came up to a lab which belonged to a group called the lazarus group they were a team of scientist well known for creating evil inventions before we knew it both me and my brother were waking up in a little room with no window and a door that was locked from the outside a moment later two men came to escort us to the main lab there to our amazing surprise we saw ourselfs the lazarus’s newest invention was our doubles they were exactly like us in every way shape and form now we were in big trouble.

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