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In the recent presentations we have watched, a common subject that was dealt with was the land of each region. The purpose for this varied throughout each presentation. Some groups used this to foreshadow their literature and others used this to give a historical summary for the issues they discussed. That fact that this happened helps support June Callwood’s statement, which says that “what unites Canadian is infinitely more compelling than any visible differences.” It shows that the attachment and love that Canadians have for their land is what unites them, despite the differences that appear to divide them.

Most Canadian believes that the region they live in is the most beautiful place to live. People growing up in the Rocky Mountains may come to the prairies and find them boring and repetitive. But a person living in the prairies may feel that the ability to see forever is the most beautiful aspect of that region. In the poem “The Souris Sings” by Katherine Buckaway, the author talks about the beauty of the prairies. She changes the stereotype of the prairies being plain and boring by describing the green rolling hills and the diverse wildlife. It shows the pride each Canadian has in their land.

Not all Canadians necessarily believe that the region the were born in is the most beautiful. Some people may have a much stronger attachment to a region that is less familiar to them. Robert Service talks of this feeling in his poem “The Spell of the Yukon.” The poem describes the life of a gold digger in the Yukon who at first is overwhelmed by the power and isolation of the North. Yet, as the poem continues, the characters experiences bring him closer to the land. This is true for all regions. The land is what gives an individual experiences that shape their lives.

People who spend much of their life living in a single region are greatly influenced by their surroundings. As a child a person will experience things that are common in that region. Growing up in these specific surroundings will allow the person to feel more comfortable there. Rita MacNeil, who grew up in the Maritimes, has many songs which talk about her home. In her song, “Home I’ll Be,” she sings about how beautiful her home town is and that she will always return. This connection a person develops to the land continues on for the rest of a their life.

Even though each region in Canada has its differences in culture, economics, and politics, Canadians will alway share a common love for their land. According to Elizabeth Brewster, “people are made of places,” and each place brings varying experiences which shape a persons life. In return people love the land for giving them these opportunities and this is what unities them in the end.

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