The Immigrant Experience


The Immigrant Experience Essay, Research Paper

Many of our grandparents, our relatives, and our friends are immigrants. They came over for various reasons, such as religious persecution, racial tension, and the looking for freedom. The freedom to live where they want, to own property, to take part in government, and to live and be treated like a human being.

For most coming to America was very difficult. Many boarded overcrowded, old boats that were barely seaworthy. Many Jews found it particularly difficult to cross over in boats that didn’t serve food that their religion allowed them to eat. When people arrives, often in New York, they were herded like cattle onto Ellis Island. There, they were physically examined by doctors, and tested for sanity.

Throughout the history of America certain minorities have always been persecuted. Some examples of this are the relocation of Japanese Americans during World War II, the use of minorities for hard labor at low wages, and especially the lynching of black Americans in the south.

Racism still communities today, but most of it isn’t as open as it once was. During the 60’s black churches were burned down, men where hung and most of the time everybody knew who was responsible, and yet nothing could be done.

Immigrants in New York were often used and discriminated against by the other Americans. As shown in the movie Far and Away factories often had “No Irish” signs out front. The Chinese were also discriminated against, and used for work that no one else wanted to do. They were forced to work on the railroads often during dangerous or uncomfortable conditions.

Today and in Southern California, Mexicans suffer from discrimination, similar to what others have faced before. They are often the targets of racist jokes, and used to do work that no one else wants to do.

The police also have played an important role in the history of racism in America. The Rodney King incident, was a turning point, and climax for black awareness in the United States. Today police still harass and are unfair to black men, and other minorities.

Racism has been an embracing part of America’s history, it reveals a sort of double standard, based on the fact that immigrants founded this country, and yet we discriminate against them. I think that this problem will not be solved unless, society as a whole works to accept one-another.

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