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“The middle Mexican sector comprises approximately 30 percent of the nation. Like its upper-income counterparts, this sector is largely urban and has educational levels superior to the national average. It consists of professionals, mid-level government and private sector employees, office workers, shopkeepers, and other no manual workers. The middle-sector share of overall income declined from 39 percent in 1984 to 36 percent in 1992.” This means that the middle class in Mexico has a lot of differences from the United States ones; when you live in the United States, to be a middle class citizen means, have a car, an apartment, health care and even travel to foreign countries. The biggest difference between both cases is the income.

According to government statistics, the vast majority of urban workers in the early 1990s earned less than US$15 per day. Sometimes this money isn’t even enough to satisfy the basic requirements for a whole family as food and dress, so we must not think on travel to Europe. In 1993 the government reported that 10 percent of workers earned less than the minimum wage, 34.7 percent made between one and two times the minimum wage, and 36.5 percent received between two and five times the minimum wage (minimum wage 20.15 new pesos).

The 1990 census demonstrated expanded access to basic public services such as running water and indoor plumbing. It also revealed, however, that Mexicans had not shared equally in these improvements. Our society is compound in an unfair way, equality doesn’t exist, and it will be fine if the majority where high class but it’s the opposite we are in a society where the majority is living in poverty. With all this facts is easy for a foreign to make hasty generalizations, if you read that most of the country cannot read, you may believe it’s the whole country. But as I mentioned, Mexican middle class is growing throw education.

“The Mexican in the American territory is consider like an idiot, criticized and discriminated without valuable arguments. Is treat like an inferior person and dependent of the American society.” A psychologist made the comment because he made his mastery degree in the United States, and it’s incredible to hear about discrimination when people has this educational level. Most of those persons let themselves be guided by appearances or wrong information.

“Desde los reci?n llegados hasta los de s?ptima u octava generaci?n, la comunidad mexicana en Estados Unidos es ya numerosa y ha crecido de modo espectacular en las ?ltimas dos d?cadas. Suma ahora casi los 20 millones de personas, veinte por ciento de la poblaci?n de M?xico”.

All that people living there far away from their families, represent economic benefits for the United States; those are the land workers, waiters and plumbers whom work for them for low prices, not just drug dealers as they believe.

“Para mediados del pr?ximo siglo, el Bur? del Censo norteamericano estima que alcanzar? los 70 millones de habitantes mexicanos, cerca de la mitad de nuestra poblaci?n y veinte por ciento de la de Estados Unidos”. Each time there are more Mexican people in our neighbor country, the wrong image that they have about us must be changed throw the way of education and work. Unfortunately we still have to face this sick that is discrimination.

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