Slim Kitty


Slim Kitty Essay, Research Paper

WRITER: Kathy Miller

CLIENT: Ralston Purina Company

PRODUCT: Slim Kitty ?

DATE: 04-07-00

HEADLINE: Feeling fat? How about your cat?

VIZ: There will be two pictures side by side of two different cats. The first is a picture of the backside of a wide fat cat that is flexing its muscles that have no definition. This is the shot of the cat before it eats Slim Kitty ?. The second shot on the right is the backside of the cat after it eats Slim Kitty?. It will be a slim sleek cat that is holding up its well-defined muscular arms.

SUBHEAD: Help your cat become as fit and healthy as you are.

TEXT: Is a healthy diet important in your household? You can now help your cat get slim and trim by feeding it Slim Kitty ?. This is a healthy cat food that is made from tofu and comes in four delicious flavors like beef, fish, cheese, and liver. It is low in salt, and contains no cholesterol or ash found in other cat foods. Slim Kitty ? can help your kitty get fit and strong in no time because it contains no animal fat but is high in protein and vitamins. It comes in an easy, recycled, plastic container with a twist off cap so you can eliminate any mess and odor associated with your cats’ food. So help your kitty lose those extra pounds and buy Slim Kitty?.


Slim Kitty, 1993, New york New York

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