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I have two cats in my home. My stepfather, Bob, and I have different view points on cats. Bob feels cats make a dirty home. He doesn’t feel cats add any value in owning one. I feel the opposite. I enjoy my cats. I feel you can still own a cat and keep your house clean and odor free. I do my best to help my Bob to feel more comfortable in my home when he visits.

Bob is clean and neatly dressed. His house is clean and animal free. He believes people shouldn’t have cats in their home. Because cats carry bad germs that we could catch. They jump on the furniture, leaving hair over it.

My house also is clean, but I enjoy having cats. They are lovable and cute especially when they are kittens. They provide companionship for me. When I come home from work they greet me at the door. Or I am down in the dumps, they rub up against me to show they care. A can leave them a couple of days at a time and not worry about them going on the floor. Because I know they will use the litter box. They also, keep the rodents and insects away.

We like a clean home, and odor free. Neither, Bob or I like getting cat hairs on our clothes.

I enjoy Bob’s company so when he comes over, I make sure my furniture is swept and uncovered; so he wont get cat hairs on him. I also, make sure the litter box is clean so it wont smell. I keep the cats away from him and off the furniture so that he would feel more comfortable.

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