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David Weiner

I. On January 16, 1920 the Volstead Act became a law, the next thirteen years would be

forever know as Prohibition.

II. James Timberlake looked at the different aspects of society that intemperance affected,

and how each contributed to the passage of the Eighteenth Amendment.

A. Prohibition was closely linked to the Progressive Movement, which was a

reaction to a long period of dominant conservatism.

B. American Protestants were committed to temperance reformation based largely

on morality.

C. Science played a large role in the Prohibition movement because the general

public, as a whole, had come to place a large amount of faith in scientific research.

D. Alcohol played a serious role in different aspects of society, including; the

workplace, the home, businesses, and especially crime.

E. Intemperance caused many economic problems, most noticeably in the loss of

revenue by individual corporations.

III. John Kobler described the different ways in which people ignored the liquor laws.

A. Al Capone ruled Chicago.

B. Because of bootleggers and rumrunners it was clearly impossible to prevent

immense quantities of liquor from entering the country.

C. Even government officials were thirsty.

IV. Edward Behr focused on people, not only how they were affected by the Eighteenth

Amendment, but also how they reacted.

A. Immigrants were some of Prohibition s first victims.

B. While some looked for loopholes in the Volstead Act, others became


C. Prohibition literally invented the gangster, and helped fuel organized crime.

V. Prohibition not only changed drinking habits in the United States, it also changed the

way that Americans regarded defenders of the law.

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