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BackgroundThe University has been looking to centralise card services for some time, recognising that the introduction of a single, multifunctional card would not only be more convenient, but also reduce the amount of work involved in managing the various cards required by different areas within the University. An approach from Bank of Scotland in 1997 proposing the supply of a smart card with a Mondex facility was followed by a business study in the summer of that year to assess interest in the use of the card and benefits of its introduction. The positive reaction from University departments and EUSA, coupled with the advantages arising out of being the first Mondex site in Scotland, led to approval for the project and it’s announcement in June 1997. AimsThe aims of the project are to: Reduce administrative cost and effort involved in issuing and managing a number of cards by replacing them with one multifunctional card Bring increased convenience to students and staff of the University by reducing the number of cards that have to carry around

Reduce cash handling within the University by providing an electronic method of payment Improve security by reducing the need to carry cash on campus Provide a foundation on which to build future card based services Enhance the University’s reputation for embracing new technology Project TeamThe Project team consists of a two University staff members who are working with various University departments and Bank of Scotland to implement the new technology. A Project Board has been set up to monitor the progress of the project and manage a joint fund set up by the University and Bank of Scotland. The Board consists of representatives from key areas involved in the implementation around the University. Rollout PlanPhase 1: June 1998: Release of cards to returning research postgraduates. Phase 2: October 1998: Release of cards to all matriculated students. Phase 3: 1999: Release of cards to University staff.

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