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Dearth contemporary

sources, mainly Romans ones, require careful evaluation,. ?

Dio says that

?threatening to recover everything which the Persians of old once used to

possess as far as the Hellenic sea, as his rightful inheritance form his

forebears? ? Shapur II maintains to Costanitius II ?even your ancient records

acknowledge that my forefathers held sway as far as the river Strymon and the

borders of Macedonia, and it is appropriate that I demand this territory?. ?

Iranian studies

dispute: did Saranians retain detailed knowledge of Achaemenid period, ?great

empire? ? but celebratory site near old on indicates some knowledge ?

So why didn?t they

exploit Roman weakness? Shapur captures Valerian mid 3rd century,

Shapur II defeats Julian in 363, Khurso I free to roam in Syria.? Content to abide with traditional status quo

and respect major territorial aggrandisement.?

Only Khurso II exploited opportunity in 602 and he didn?t attempt to

justify it by reclaiming Archaemenid inheritance. ?

Overall restraint

shows aims more limited – early emphasis on revival Iranian fortunes linked to

internal legitimisation? -? Khurso restored to throne by Romans needed

to prove emphatically not a puppet. ?

Crucial question is

how Romans perceived Persian aims ? clearly thought greater. ?

Anitoch thought to

have been Shapur II goal in 359, and conquest Syria thought to be aim of same

King through C I and CII ? entangled in sieges of fortress cities.? Romans thought merely a diversion to greater

aims, might actually have been aims. Procopius though Khurso?s aim to

permanently occupy Syria? – only stopped

by fortifications. ?

Also Romans think

reason for invasion of Lazica access to C on Black sea 0 not important whether

Khurso thought it feasible or wanted it.?

Gains substance from Khurso building a road from Iberia to Lazica and

continued fighting of war after 545 peace.?

Procopius thinks ship timbers being sent up to Lazica. ?

Perception shown Roman

desire to have suzerainty over Lazica inpeace of 561/62.? Later in century John of Ephesus says Genera

Tarnkhurso *conquer all Roman lands? ? irrelevant whether they said, Roman

assumption Sasanian kings intent on expanding on eastern provinces of Roman


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