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What is the first thought that is brought to mind when the word ?inheritance? is said? Money is most certainly the answer. For some reason, our culture has adopted inheritance to mean solely money. Sadly, people expect to collect from their parents? deaths. Most, of course, are not proud of this fact, but, all in all, they still expect. I can?t say I?m much different without lying. I?m not ashamed that I want my parents? money when they pass on. That doesn?t mean I want them to die more quickly. There are other things I would like to pass on through the generations. For example, my parents? physical and personality traits that were instilled in me before I was born. My children will be lucky to have some of their grandparents in them. Also, we have some great family traditions with memorable stories behind them. Hopefully, my children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy these as much as I have. In addition to money, there are a few other material things which also serve as reminders to great times in the past. I would like to keep these things in my future house. I don?t consider myself greedy or selfish just because I want my parents? money or things. They are generous people and like the opportunity to help me out in my life. My parents have a lot to offer, including material and non-material things.

Among the material items I would like to acquire is the foos ball table. This holds the highest importance. The table has special meaning to me because of the memories. I can?t even count how many hours my family and I have spent playing that silly game. Even some of the players? heads have had to be replaced because of the constant pounding from the ball. Not only is foos ball a competitive sport, but also my family goes crazy when it comes to competition in general. I have to admit we are sore losers. However, after an hour or so of cooling off, the winners are always congratulated. This foos ball table would make a great addition to my future house because of its power to bring a family together. If, somehow all four of us are at home, we each begin to strategize about how to win the upcoming game. All of us know it?s coming. After the foos ball table, I would like to obtain my dad?s CDs. He has some jazz and blues, along with a few other different types of music. Considering I don?t know artists or song titles of this different music, it would be difficult to purchase the best CDs. Also, my day has some great classic rock CDs. I suppose I must mention the money. So, yes, I would like to inherit whatever money my parents have. It?s nice to know that I have a decent amount of money coming my way. I do appreciate it greatly for two reasons. First, I know my parents worked hard for their earnings. Therefore, I intend on spending it wisely. Second, I can pick my career based on other things besides its paycheck. One other thought, my parents can throw in the big screen TV just so that it doesn?t go to waste. That is the extent of the material items I would like to inherit from my parents. The only problem that could occur is if my brother also wants the foos ball table. I suppose I would have to compromise. The family traditions, also having great importance to me, don?t have to be compromised or shared, which will make it easy to pass them along through generations.

Throwing of the dinner rolls on Thanksgiving has got to be, by far, the best tradition. I have no idea when or how this got started but it is so funny because of how immature it is. Our house has three levels with the top two having balconies which overlook the bottom floor. For Thanksgiving, we set up all the tables on the basement floor because it is the most spacious. The way the tradition works is that my mom throws everyone his or her dinner rolls from the second floor. The problem is that we have a very big family which makes for a lot of flying rolls. Of course, people are supposed to catch their rolls but that doesn?t always happen, so food ends up splashed all over the place. The funniest is when someone gets hit in the head which happens more often than you think. Writing this tradition down makes it sound even more ridiculous, but I?m not ashamed. It?s fun and creates some of the best memories.

A second tradition among our family happens to occur at Christmastime. This one, however, does not matter where Christmas is taking place, as long as my dad is present. To understand this, you have to understand my father. He is a very smart man, but can be quite absentminded or almost goofy at times. The tradition is that whoever draws my dad in the Christmas gift exchange must get him a gag gift better than the one given to him the year before. He has gotten a plastic life-size cactus, night vision goggles, a pogo stick, and an assortment of other ridiculous gifts. This always makes for a good laugh and great pictures.

The last tradition I can think of only involves my three immediate family members. Every summer we would drive out to Arizona where my granddad lives. Then we would take his motor home and, for about a week, drive all over the west to National Parks. We hit a different National Park each summer. It was great to experience so many different landscapes and I hope to share that with my children, too.

These traditions have helped to show me how important your family is. Also, I think it has brought me closer to the people outside of my immediate family. I will have the opportunity to share these experiences with my children.

Not only can I pass on the traditions, but also the characteristics that I have been given from my parents. The second that a baby is born, people start to point out features that are like his/her parent?s. Some physical characteristics are obvious right away and some don?t show up until you get older. I, for example, have my dad?s chubby cheeks and straight teeth, but I have my mom?s frizzy hair and small lips. My tallness came from both, if not more from my great grandparents. I come from a very long descent of tall, lanky people. I hope to marry my tall boyfriend to keep the tradition going. I think being tall gives a person a natural advantage in life and I would like to pass that to my children. I have to say that I?m happy with the physical appearance that my parents have given me. There is one characteristic that my mother could?ve kept to herself and that is her big hips. I definitely got that gene and I?m not happy with my mother for sharing them. So, except for the hips, I thank my parents. I also have reason to thank them for the emotional characteristics that I have acquired from them.

I finally know what people mean when they say that you become your parents. I think this has to do with these personality traits that show up later in your life. I have definitely started to see my parents in me. I also hear their words coming out of my mouth. My dad?s sense of humor is part of me and I have my mom?s athleticism. Both of them are very smart, so I?m glad I received at least part of that. I guess it could have been worse. I am a procrastinator which couldn?t have come from either side. I just picked that up all on my own. One inherited tendency, absolutely no sense of direction, came from my grandma. It skipped a generation. Anyway, I will take the good with the bad because it all adds up to make me.

Even though money is quickly associated with ?inheritance?, there is much more that goes along with it. Inheritance is a way of acquiring and carrying on a piece of your parents. With their characteristics inside of me, I am reminded of their attitude and advice whenever needed. The traditions they have shown to me will be valued and passed on once more. Also, the material possessions will be cherished and taken care of. Of course, none of these things can replace the love of my parents, but they will provide me of remembrance of that love.

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