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misunderstanding of roman aims ? doubtful late antiquity wanted to extend

control far beyond Tigris as would have doe in 298/99? 0 Julian?s expedition should not be seen as an attempt to conquer

Persia ? chance remark Ammianus implies limited aim of returning in 363 ? aim:

regaining initiative in East after Shapur?s recent successes by forcing him

onto defensive ?

Can see why Khurso

does not perceive this ? Julian accompanied by fugitive Sasanian Prince ?

Hormizd who, according to reports, he planned to place on throne.? Memories of Trajan annexations, Roman

advances on Ctesiphon by Cassius, Severus, Carus, Galerius and Julian must have

exercise power over perception of intent . ?

Older Emperors not

help Justin II dismisses Persian envoy saying overthrow K and new king ? also

believing Romano-Turk alliance beat Persia ?


relations ? pervaded by mutual suspicion and fear of intention, major invasions

should be seen as pre-emptive in aim, attempts to keep one another off balance

and on the defensive.? Yes booty and

prisoners and subsidiary motives, mutual recognition parity of status.? Respect not equal trust ? equality in

diplomatic protocol reinforce recognition of potential threat ? neither has

ambition to acquire territory beyond strategically crucial north Mesopotamian

plain, failure of both to appreciate this meant there remained potential for


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