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Nervousness; I sat in the car on my way to the first day of kindergarten. My stomach was filled with butterflies and my mind with fears and unexplicable hopes. I remember begging my mom to keep me at home. I knew nobody in my class. All of my friends from my neighborhood were in the other class. Oh how I wished that I could be in that class! So, I looked forward to seeing them after the school day was over. This is so because I didn t know that there were any breaks in the progress of the school day. As I stared out of the car window towards the schoolyard the second wave of nervousness hit me. Once again I begged my mom to go with me. And so being the good mother that she is, she came. The overwhelming smell of asphalt hit me as soon as my size twelve Nikes touched the blacktop. My hand tightly gripped my mother s. I remember her looking pained, tired, and sad. She had been spending time with my father while he was in the hospital with a blood disease. This goes to show that she already had more than enough to deal with.

We walked hand in hand to the classroom that I had dreaded so much. When we entered the classroom the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and new plastics filled my nose. All the mothers had come into the classroom with their kids also. All were crying; mothers included. My mom turned to me and informed me that she was leaving. I gave my consent; then the realization of what I had just done hit me like a ton of bricks. All by myself left alone, with strangers. It was horrible! I stood in the same position, like a statue. In all of my moments of panic I don t think that any have been quite as bad as that was. In all of my paranoia I didn t notice that a little curly-haired boy was approaching me.

Hi He said.

Hi I replied

He then proceeded to introduce himself as Derek. I then introduced my self. Then I asked him to be my friend. He said yes. I wasn t going to be standing alone any more.

There you have it; I had a friend that was in my class. The greatest thing about this whole ordeal is that we are still friends. Even if we haven t seen each other in a long time we seem to start off exactly where we had left off. We don t seem to hangout much anymore, but the bond that we share is still there. I expect it to last for many more years.


The previous statement shows me that I am a nice guy. It also shows me how a good friend makes life that much easier.


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