Magic Vs Science


Magic Vs. Science Essay, Research Paper

Magic vs. Science

What is magic and science? These two subjects have been around for

several hundred years and many controversies have come about when the

two were throw into the mix with one another. Around the time of the

“Renaissance” and “Enlightenment” these topics were thought to be

confusing and the logic of them were contemplated. What aspects of these

two topics would someone think about when they were considering their

view on the situation?

Magic is any mysterious agency or power. Magic is something that

only special people can perform. One example of magic can be anything

religious, because many views of religions are not proven and have

happened under mysterious circumstances. Another type of magical force

are people like miracle men or healers, who have the ability to strangely cure

or restore a person to good health. Then there is the all time famous example

of magic, witches. Witches are known to have supernatural or magical

powers, and can apply these powers in any way they see fit. Many years ago

people felt that things like this were real, and they were apart of everyday

life no matter how uncanny or far fetched the story may be.

Science in knowledge ascertained by observations and experiments,

critical testing, and the following of general principals. Science is

something that can be learned and performed by anyone. One aspect of

science is research and development, which is the studying and then actually

putting the work into play. Another aspect is experimentation, which is the

process of having a general problem, hypothesis, gathering of data, and a

conclusion. This is how something is proven in science. Then there is

application of the principles, which is the actual applying of the knowledge

obtained. These aspects are all strategic samples of science.

These two very different subjects, science and magic, have some

similarities. They do not have exactly the same perspectives, but they do

have the same type of views. They both attempt to explain and control a

persons thoughts on the world and their reasons of existence. Both of them

work as a belief system. The people who follow them follow the different

features of that congregation. Furthermore, once these thing are believed the

attitudes might not be change and people will continue to have different

views on both.

These topics, science and magic, are very open subjects. A wide

variety of things can be classified in these two areas. Basically, no matter

what time period it is, these issues will cause a constant clash in the beliefs

of people. What will the future of our society bring in the form of logically

or arbitrarily speaking?

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