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Features of Argumentation

The logic of everyday argumentation should be based upon common data or information that is accepted by everyone. A warrant need to be used in order to relate the evidence that is presented in an argument to the claim that is being made.

When creating an argument, one usually uses grounds that are well known by their peers of the same field of study. In this way, most arguments are specific to a certain area of study; however, information that is considered common knowledge is easily warranted in other fields of study besides philosophy.

Once an argument is written, a very important warrant is distinguishable. The language that is used in the argument can be interpreted as grounds for the actual argument. The style that is used represent how strongly the author believes in the argument, and where their position is on the conclusion of the claim as well as playing an enormous part in convincing the reader to think further about the claim that is being presented.

A claim is presented that give a possible conclusion to an argument and then evidence is presented that supports the claim. This is not enough for a, “Complex academic argument,” the author also has to create warrants that link the evidence to the claim being made. Often times a narrative can is used as a basic warrant. In this method the author gives details and describes events and situations that can establish a relationship between the grounds being made about the claim.

A “Complex Academic Argument,” is based on a claim and the grounds that are made to support it. In previous papers I have used this technique in supporting my argument. The mistake that I made in the past was that I always to a pro or con position. A “Complex Academic Argument,” only gives the reader a single view on a subject, not an overall decision of pro or con.

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