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Underdevelopment In Latin America

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One cause of underdevelopment in Latin America is unbalanced international trading. During the colonization in Latin America, the colonists, mostly Spain the only one witch we are studying at this time, exploited the natural resources for their own benefits. English, Spain, and other colonists created or made Latin America as their sources of raw materials and their markets for their finished goods. The reasons for the colonization in the first place by the European nations are clear; the Roman Empire had already striped the ?Old world? of its natural resources. The new Rome (Spain and some of Europe) were in search of people and land to exploit, and within weeks of finding the raw resources they took sugar, coffee, tobacco, gold and silver from Latin America back into Europe. Then quickly they set up the creations of a monoculture in Latin America in order to further the created dependency of other goods from outside. For new Rome this not only was a land filled with much needed raw resources, but also a land filled with people that would soon be under there rule and also that couldn?t function without the finished materials that the Old world was selling back to them at triple the price.

The main barrier to development in Latin America Today lies not in its economic structure but in its social structure. Revolutionary change in the region must begin at the social level and not at the economic level. A move towards technology must be established. One example of this lack movement is factories lack of incorporation of technology in to the production, instead of a conveyor belt there is a man with a box to carry the product throughout the company. Latin America needs to evolve past the colonization state socially. The only difference between today and the colonization period is that the ?Rome? of today, (Big business) is looking for cheap Labor as its raw material instead of sugar, coffee, tobacco, gold and silver of colonial times.

Latin America culture is rich if allowed to prosper the direction of its development is any ones guess. I contend that once the world market supersedes the nation state that Latin America will become a major player the new market perhaps, shedding its colonial shackles once and for all.

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