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It was March second which had seemed like any other day. As I walked intoColonial Steakhouse ready to start work. I had been anticipating a rather slow pacednight. The weather that day was a bit on the sour side. The snow mixed with the rainmade it rather dreary. As usual all of the employees gathered at the east end of therestaurant to eat supper before the dinner rush arrived. Just as I began to enjoy my frenchdip the festivities began. Before I had even taken two bites I glanced up just in time to see a car leapforeward and crash through the wall. At first my olny reaction was to scream from fright. The first thought that had entered my mind was that some crazy fool was trying to commitsuiside. Bricks, glass and chairs among many other things had been hurled across therestaurant. While I stood their in if it were just a figment of my imagination Amandadashed to the front of the restaurant and then jumped over the counter to call for help. After a few seconds I snapped out of my state of confusion and went to make sure thatnobody was seriously injured. In doing so I noticed that one particular man had comewithin inches of his life as three large dagers of glass from a nearby window came to astop after sliding across the back of the booth in which he had been sitting. Since the lady

had left her car running while it was sitting on some of the rubble many customers had toevacuate the dusty atmosphere in order to breath. Standing back in amazement watchingall of the commotion everyone I seen was shakily trying to light their ciggarettes. Although, I have never in my life attempted to smoke I had seriously considered it. The man and woman that had been in the car were extremely startled by what theyhad done. As they exited their vehicle could hear them arguing about who s fault it hadbeen. It turns out that the lady had first parked in some of the slushy snow. When herhusband realized this he insisted that she park at the oppisite end of the building so hewouldn t have to get his feet as dirty. When she arrived at the south west end of therestaurant she attempted to place her foot on the brake pedal when her foot slipped ontothe gas pedal and sent the car soaring about four feet into the restaurant. As we all stood around sharing our versions of the scene customers were still filingthrough the door. One peculiar couple starred through the gapping hole to the inside ofthe building. While doing so one of them asked are ya all still open? And then hispartner piped up and said looks like a car drove through here. Simotaneously, all of theemployees turned and said Oh really!

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