Evil Forces Of Drugs


Evil Forces Of Drugs Essay, Research Paper

Evil Forces of Drugs

The use of illegal drugs among today s teenagers is rampantly increasing. Drugs are going from the undergrounds to the hallways of America s schools; nevertheless, they are corrupting America s youth. Those that are fighting the war against drugs are using the wrong weapons to defend teenagers from this enemy. For example, education and drug abuse programs are being used as weapons, but, ironically, they are merely arousing curiosity in the adolescents. Although teenagers are being taught that drug abuse is wrong, there is a greater force on the adversary s side teenagers are finding reasons to justify their actions. THESIS: There are three primary causes, by which teenagers are brainwashed into using drugs: curiosity, rebellion, and peer pressure.

When students are taught to just say no, they wonder why. Education on the effects and detriments of drugs are one-sided, which, unfortunately, leaves unanswered questions in the minds of the adolescents. Most anti-drug slogans plainly promote the abstinence of drugs; in most cases, they fail to explain the possible results of ignorance. Consequently, kids become curious. As teenagers, the inevitable force of curiosity brings them beyond reasonable measures to merely satisfy any curiosities they may have. According to the teenager, if he is curious about a drug, he has the full right to try it. That is the universal strength of curiosity to become a legitimate reason to oppose the rules. Accordingly, curiosity is an initial drug in itself.

Also, the teenage years of one s life are primarily vulnerable to rebellion. Parents seem to have come from another planet, as teenagers seem to know all that there is to know. Therefore, kids insensibly rebel against their parents. In most homes, the issue on drug abuse is strongly stressed to the children. But at such an age, their peers have a much greater influence on them than the parents do. In fact, it is more likely for a teenager to abstain from the illegal use of drugs by friendly rebuke than by authoritative reproof. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Rebellion, therefore, is another dictating force that is leading today s youth astray.

Not only do teenagers take especial heed to their peers, but also they have a need and hunger for the acceptance and approval of the same group. Substantially, peer pressure is, undoubtedly, the greatest force of all. Teenagers develop an inevitable desire to be sociable among a certain circle of friends. Naturally, one must have something in common with a group to be a member of it. Once curiosity and rebellion are in effect, the most modest peer pressure will trigger the teenager s desire to belong. Unfortunately, anti-drug slogans and teachers cannot change the desires of a teenager. Once this propaganda gains the adolescent s trust, every good intention will sadly become a lie.

It is a good question to ask, Who is to blame? It would be impractical to say that the teenager is to blame; however, it would be safe to say that the teenager has been subject to today s society. It would also be secure to say that the teenager has been victimized by inevitability. The force of curiosity and rebellion is one that circumstantially develops within the adolescent. Surely nobody is to blame for that. Peer pressure seems to have its finger pointed at those who partake in it. However, the peers who do partake in it are, by no means, immune to this society s corruptions either. They, too, are subject to inevitability; therefore, they are not to blame. Mockingly, the peers have each other s best interest in mind. It would, then, be logical to say that teenagers who begin to use drugs cannot plead innocent for their actions, but, circumstantially, they cannot plead guilty either. These three forces, curiosity, rebellion, and peer pressure, have clearly blinded today s youth from the insanity of drugs abuse.

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