Victimized Essay, Research Paper

What happens when you put your mind to something? Depends on what your mind is capable of thinking. Today was my day. I owned the town tonight. Systematically everything I cared about had been destroyed, sometimes behind my back and sometimes right in front of me.

My car had been vandalized Monday- smashed my mirrors and scraped the paint. Tuesday, I had nearly been hit in the parking lot. Wednesday someone worked over my dog. My girlfriend had broke it off Thursday citing the fact that she didn t like the way I dressed and I used words such as muddin and deers . I don t remember ever using such vocabulary, but what she said became law I didn t question it. Friday while walking to the vet to get my dog some medication, I got jumped. Some punk stole my dogs tranquilizers. So I bought another bottle and caught a cab.

On my way home, I stopped at the insurance office to collect the cash to repair my car with. They told me it was a total loss. I guess a little damage does a lot to something with very little residual value- such as an 89 Ford Festiva. The check was for $435. Not even a month s rent. So I did the only thing left. I tapped into the large slush fund I had accumulated from turning in local criminals. My last had been convicted of computer crime, fraud, and misuse of information. Knowledge is always a better investment than stocks.

Sitting in a poorly decorated office of Brentmeyer Chevrolet, I twiddled with Brad s business cards. I constructed a small house out of them before he came in to shake my hand.

What can I do for you, sir? He asked.

I m interested in a new truck. As if I was there for anything else. They didn t sell hamburgers, even though I could have really used one after the wait.

Any specific kind? He flipped through an inventory packet.

A Suburban. Black. And with the biggest engine possible. That sure raised his eyebrows.

Okay, sir. He whistled quietly and stood up. Lets check the lot, I think we have something you ll be interested in. He paused near the exit to pick a set of keys from a wall with at least 30 sets on it. Right this way he directed with confidence.

Then again, it s only after you lose everything that you are free to do anything.

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