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The Massachusetts AFL-CIO has partnered with the Massachusetts Business Roundtable to examine the future role of workforce training and education programs in the Commonwealth.

Co-chaired by Mass AFL-CIO President Joseph Faherty and MBR Chairman Robert Marini, the MBR/AFL-CIO Commission on Workforce Training held the first of three scheduled public hearings on Wednesday, April 22 at the Statehouse in Boston.

“The issue of worker training is a critical one,” Faherty said. “I hope that this commission will be able to explore the issues related to ensuring that the workforce has the education and skills necessary to compete in this changing job market.”

The 16-member, privately funded, joint labor/business commission, was formed in conjunction with Northeastern University Center for Labor Market Studies.

Future hearings are scheduled on Monday, May 11 at Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis and Tuesday, June 16 at American Saw & Manufacturing in East Longmeadow.

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