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Many large companies are seeing the importance of having network even though it is usually very expensive to set it up. Take for example Southeast Services They are just now seeing the importance of network communication between their nationwide janitorial companies. Before they had to do all paper work through a fax machine or by air mail. They also spent hundreds of dollars on phone calls each day to ask simple questions and make small corrections.

When the network system is fully implemented not only will the main office have access to all the different accounts all over the country to make minor repairs to the PC, do payroll and to keep up with employee, and account information. They will also save a lot of money by not having to air mail all those important documents and by using the e-mail instead of making those expensive phone call each day.

They will start seeing immediate improvement in communication as well as simple business transactions. Southeast Service Corp will also have a lot more organization in their file keeping because not only will they have their information on hard copy they can also back it up on computers.

In conclusion companies are slowly seeing the importance of having network because it just make life easier and it saves money. The money they save by having it is greater than the money spend in setting it up.

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