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The bookstore is the place where people go to buy books and magazines. On the

first day of our school day we went to bookstore for our field trip.

The bookstore that we just went to on our field trip is a big and new building.

When I just step by the gate I can felt that door is really heavy, and the color

of door is like dark brown. The left side of door is the place has some graceful

music, that place is CD section. And the right side of door is the place has

strong smell from coffee, yeah, that??s the coffee shop. There was make me felt

so fascinate with that coffee shop.

The main section of the bookstore has some different kind of books and

magazines, the books are include humane studies, natural science, history,

novel, astronomy, mathematic, etc. next to the magazines part are include the

culinary art, cars, athletics, cosmetic, etc. Also at the backside is the kid

section, there has so many funny books to attract kid to pay attention on that

section. But the place made me so interest is the magazine section, because I

don??t have to spend a lot of time to read that little and tiny magazine. So I

love to read magazines.

The people stays around by main section are old people or the middle

ages, because I think they are more interesting about those books.

When I trying to find some good books to read, I just saw there have some

comfortable sofa, and I can feel that special material, and also I can guess

that most be very expensive material. Oh~ yeah, I almost forgot that is one more

thing can talk about it, I was discover the bookshelf is made from wood, and

when I smelled it, the smell was really irritate my nose, wow! It was hurt my

nose. Well, finally I do found an interesting book and comfortable sofa to site

down and read my books.

Now, I am gonna walk through the kid section. The kid section is

ornamented with some cartoons pictures. Also the wall is covered with cream

white. The color of carpet is cream white, too. The cream white is the mild

color; also it is my favorite color. The middle parts of kid section have some

little tables and chairs; the kids can sit down there and to read their favorite

books. There are so many different books around this section, the right side is

the book of funny story and the left side is the learning books. Also the

bookshelves are including the detective novel and science fiction. Here is a

smell window between those two bookshelves, and they do have some little flowers

by the window frame. I was thinking if I am standing by that window, I probably

go take a deep breath then loosen up my eyes and go back to my sit to finish my

reading. When I asking someone do they have a watch, they just raised their hand

and to showed me there is the clock on the wall, and I als!

o raise my head to see what time it is. Because that clock so it was remind me

the time is almost nine O??clock. I think I better go, because I thought the

bookstore is close at 9:30.

Finally I finish to discover this bookstore, I think this bookstore is

made me want come here next time, because when walk into this bookstore I feel

so comfortable and I know this is a quiet place. So I think it is a good place

to reading books.

I wish everyone could find his or her favorite books in this bookstore, and to

enjoin it!

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