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Once Isaac was slightly older, God commanded Abraham to take Isaac to

a mountain and to sacrifice him at the top. This was an ultimate test

that God gave to Abraham. Being God?s servant, Abraham went as he was

told with Isaac to the top of a mountain in order to sacrifice his son.

Abraham prepared to cut Isaac?s throat, but just in the nick of time

God?s angels stopped him. Seeing that there was a ram caught in some

bushes, Abraham sacrificed that to God instead.

Let come back to Abraham . One of the most well known Old

Testament stories is the test of Abraham . God said that he wanted him

to take his son , Isaac , to take him to the region of Moriah and to

sucrifice as a burnt offering on the one of the mountains he would

point him out . Next morning Abraham saddled donkey and went to the

place God told him about . They walked for three days then when Abraham

saw the place of their destination he left his servants and then went

only with Isaac.(by the way many biblical scholars think that God chose

the place of the sucrifice that was in the three days journey far from

their place becauese for this big period of time Abraham could change

his mind many times) He took the wood for the burnt offering and

placed it on Issac and they went to the mountain . While they were

walking Isaac asked his father about the lamb for the offering , but

Abraham replied that God would provide it. He made an altar up there ,

then bound his son Isaac and laid him on the altar and right in that

moment when Abraham was about to pierce him the voice from the sky

stopped him . Thus Abraham proved his faith to God so God told that he

would surely bless him and make his son into a gret nation .

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