Him Essay, Research Paper

I think about him day and night

The though won’t go away

And, oh, how I would hold him tight every second of the day

He is perfect, that is true, not an average me or you

His looks, his talents, his sparkling smile can be told from far and far

The look in his eyes, the warmth of his touch makes me love him oh so much

I cant help but think what it would be like, me and him together, ha, yeah right

Although I know this fantasy will never be real, I can’t help the way I feel

Someday I will come to my senses and let it go, but not real soon, I hope you know

My imaginations, my dreams are all about him, but I know the chances of “us” are very slim

Love, the word seems very strong, but when we’re together, nothing seems to go wrong

Thinking of him gives me butterflies

Thinking of him makes me mushy inside

“I’m too young to know the feeling of love”

Ha, that’s what they say

Let them think what they will, I’m going my own way.

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