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Tina Turner Tina Turner was born Anna Mae Bullock In 1939 on a small farm in Nutbush, Tennessee. At the age of 13, she was left with out a mother and a father. Anna went to live with her cousin in St. Louis. When she was 16 she would go to clubs with her sister in St. Louis. While in these clubs she saw a band called The Kings of Rhythm . In this band was the first time she saw her soon to be husband Ike Turner. The band had gotten to know Anna and her sister very well. One night at a club The Kings of Rhythm asked Anna s sister to sing, and she refused. So Anna decided to take the spot light and got up there and sang, that s when Ike first realized what a great voice she had. Once Ike heard this great voice, he immediately wanted to start a business with her. Anna became the new lead singer in The Kings of Rhythm . After many hits, Ike wanted to leave The Kings of Rhythm with Anna, and move to California to start their own band. Once they moved to California, that when Anna became Tina Turner .

Eventually everyone knew the rock n roll superstar, Tina Turner, but Ike wanted more. He knew he needed total control of Tina s life, so he married her in Mexico, just by Tina signing a piece of paper. Before long Tina realized that Ike could be a very violent and controlling person. She knew it would take some risks, including her career, but she had to get out of that situation even though it could have cost her her life. She left Ike with only 36 cents and a gas card; she lived in poverty and was totally removed from the music scene with out Ike s guidance. Tina was strong and only in a matter of time did she come back with her international hit album hit, Private Dancer . Tina is now very successful, and content with her life. She wrote a book, and even had a hit movie. She showed the world the benefits of removing yourself from an abusive relationship.

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