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Soviet Union Essay, Research Paper

There are many events worthy of our recognition but

some will be remembered for many years to come. Fifty

years from now, every person in the world should

remember the year in which the Soviet Empire

collapsed. The Soviet Union was one of the most

dangerous and most feared of all the countries in the

world during the time it existed. The Soviet Union was

the largest country in the world because of all the

republics it had within it.

The collapse of the Soviet Union will always be

remembered because it was a country that was very

dangerous. It was like that because just about all of

the men that ruled and controlled the Soviet Union

were heavy drinkers and they would not be at their

best judgment when doing things and because of that

they could cause a lot of damage, conflict, and war to

many other countries.

The end of the Soviet Union will be remembered also

because it had such a great impact on all its

republics. The Soviet Union was not a horrible place

though as it helped all the poor countries stay strong

since they were united as one union. Instead of being

a whole bunch of third world countries, their unity in

communism did work at keeping the people safe. For

example Yugoslavia was around as on nation back then

because of communism but once the collapse of

communism Yugoslavia broke apart.

Why many people feared the USSR, the Union of Soviet

Socialists Republic, or CCCP, USSR spelled in Russian,

was because the fact that a lot of missiles would

frequently disappear from the missile silos that

belonged to the Soviet Union, and because of this it

shows that the Soviet Union wasn’t to safe of a

country to live in and that the people there weren’t

easily trusted so other countries near the borders of

the Union could be in great danger.

I think that the Soviet Union was a great republic and

that if it did still exist now it would or at least

may have been close to being a better country than

what many people think of it as what it was like in

the communist party days. If Joseph Stalin never died

and Boris Yelstin never took control the USSR may

still have existed now. The question that is the most

provoking to me is what the Soviet Union would have

been like know? Would it be a peaceful country or

would it be worse than it was before?

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