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Over the years the prices of scanners have dropped drastically both in the home and

office. With as little as $89.00 dollars anybody can own a scanner. Although a scanner that is

purchased for $89.00 may not have all the features or functions that a $1000.00 scanner may

have, for home use it will be more than sufficient. Unless you are a graphic artist or a

photographer who having the added features and functions, could determine getting your job

done, a cheaper scanner will do just fine. With a less expensive scanner you may only be able to

scan documents and photographs, while with a more expensive scanner you will be able to scan

transparencies, 35 mm film and slides.(

Also with a more expensive scanner the speed at which the scanner processes the scanned

information is much faster than that of a less inexpensive scanner. Ultimately it is up to you the

consumer to decide which scanner is best for you and how much money you are willing or able to


I visited a few web sites and look at an inexpensive scanner compared to an expensive

scanner, here are the results.

Although this next scanner is not your typical scanner I thought it was worth mentioning

because it is new and quite unique. The IS-22 Scanner (color image cartridge) is manufactured

by Canon. This scanner cartridge is currently priced at $90.77. It is not your typical scanner.

When you think of a scanner the typical flatbed scanner or hand-held scanners is what the

consumer thinks of in a scanner. This scanner cartridge works with a Canon BJC-4300 Series

printers. You will receive a color image scanner cartridge which transforms your printer into a

color sheetfed scanner. You can scan mostly everything that a normal inexpensive scanner will

scan. It will scan in color, black and white photos, magazine articles, documents and more. This

scanner cartridge will save you space and money. To operate the scanner software associated

with the BJC-4300 Series printers is quite simple. After loading the scanner cartridge software

you are ready to scan. You simply put whatever documents you want to scan in your printer and

tell the scanning software what you want to scan. It is that simple.

The UMAX PowerLook lll Professional Scanner is a flatbed scanner. The current price

for this scanner is $1099.99, it is manufactured by UMAX Computer Corp. The quality of this

scanner is impeccable. You will get very realistic images from this scanner. Besides scanning

documents and photographs, it will also scan slides, transparencies, negatives, and reflective

originals. You can also crop and scan up to 12, 35mm slides. You can scan 35 mm film and the

largest document you can scan is 8.5 x 11.7.

It also captures fine details in shadow areas. This type of scanner works similar to a copy

machine. You simply place whatever information you want to scan onto the bed of the scanner,

close the lid and chose to scan the image. Just as with any other type of scanner you can choose

to print, save to file or disk, or both.(

With both scanners you want to make sure that you load the scanning software into your

hard drive. A dialog screen will pop up that will help you with the installation of the software.

Your scanning equipment will come with directions on how to operate your particular scanner.

How to troubleshoot. Numbers to call if you should need technical support.

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