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I picked one photograph of my parents the day in which we went to a wedding in the Bronx. I picked this photo because of the reason that it lack some important information about their behavior for that day.

This photo was taken in my house in the living room. My father is next to my mother and they are next to a collection of miniature cars which my father has bought along his years. These miniature cars are placed on a special stand made of glass that has the capacity to holds thirty cars in all.

Next to this stand their is a portrait of five cars that have little lights placed on their tail that turns on and off within a period of time. The first car in this portrait is a Ferrari, then comes a Porche, Mercedez, Corvette, and a BMW. This special section in the living room is dedicated to the memories of my father and his passion for cars. My father is a auto mechanic, a painter and welder. He dedicated 7 years of his life making limousine and 20 years repairing and fixing cars of all brands. He started working with cars at the age of 15, he met my mother and got married at the age of 18. My mother which was 16 years old had to do everything a woman should do in my country which was cook and clean the house. In this picture they seemed to be very happy. Their appearance is very confusing regarding with age. They don’t look too old, my mother which is 42 years old looks like a 20 year old and my father which is 46 years old looks like a 30 year old. Looking at their smile it seems they have enjoyed their marriage and their lifes. My mother is wearing a dark yellow dress with a black blouse underneath and black high hills. She has light skin and has black long hair. My father which is holding her hand is wearing a black shirt with a tie. The tie has a red flower drawned on it which matches my mothers lipstick. He has a tan skin color and black hair, he also has a trimmed mustache. This photograph is not only a photograph to me it is a ticket to bring memories down.

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