Sasanian Persia


Sasanian Persia Essay, Research Paper


Previous dynasty very

weak, fragmented, new regime intent on controlling more closely the territories

it had inherited / expanding them ?

Better than Arsacids ?

irrigation doubled land available for cultivation. ?

Khuro I 6th

century ? large centrlised government I Ctesipon ? he initiated reforms. ?

Shapur I initial

empire ? initial continuity with predominantly feudal Pathians. ?

Quickly developed

centralisation ? no more regional minting and lessening noble power. ?

Shapur must have

helped with canals ? evidence early central administration in Sasanian

period.? Basically increased bureaucracy

and centralisation ? nobility never broken 3 and 5th century

instability. Linked to urban growth, especially in the the Persian heartlands ?

6th century

onwards standing army levy ? presupposes organisational ability to coordinate

campaigns before setting off.? But

significant time lag between thinking of it and setting off. ?

Unlike Parthians S

gave food to troops not self sufficient – and tax, presence of pack animals,

also sieges ? some sort of system existed and functioned. ?

Unique among Rome?s

neighbours in comparable degree of urban development, governmental organisation

? uniquely among foreign peoples recognition of parity of status. Sarsanian

Persia power to be both respected and feared ? discussion Roman and Persian


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