Anastiasius Between Persia And Mediterranean


Anastiasius Between Persia And Mediterranean Essay, Research Paper


Not Marcian tradition,

contrary doing as much as possible to keep traditional link with west. ?

West kept peace with

Vandals ? Odoacar gone in last year Zeno by Ostrogths under Theodric ?

Anastasius recognised him as regent to Byzantium 0 peace and quiet in West ?

credulous an optimistic see entire Med basin as unified under Byzantine

suzerainty. ?

Balance in West

delicate ? ephemeral and fickle Barbarian Kings who only just supported him ?

we see attempt to disengage alliance.?

Hazardous game letting payments fall into arrears and fortifying places

like Daras and Theodosiopolis.?

Contravenes agreements with Kawad. ?

Zeno declines

subsidies by 483 120 yr tenure of Nisibis had elapsed and return to Rome.? Deserves little credence as no mention in

Ammaniaus of 363 treaty. ?

As Anastasius says ?

wars are not trifling with the West and predecessor does not pay

subsidies..? Anasatasius and followers

dilemma: absorption into Persian Empire based in Fertile Crescent or

reconstruction of shattered Mediterranean Empire ? only lead to long and costly


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