Relevance Of Recent War With Persia


Relevance Of Recent War With Persia Essay, Research Paper

Rationing system does not help the mobility of

Byzantines against Muslims Question marks over command structure and logistics Cases of non-payment ? Arab stipends, waggoners in

Ctesiphon ? 628 ? fiscal and financial difficulties. Persian occupation not totally destructive in

Palestine ? yes Jerusalem but very little elsewhere. Interlude of Persian occupation no economically or

politically favourable to late Roman provinces ? temp. Persian occupation

disruptive p,s,e long term consequences not ruinous. Delicate and

difficult process local recover had begun ? no total restoration of status

of economy, society, culture prior to wars with Persia possible. Empire not in state of collapse at moment of first

Islamic raids ? fiscally, psychologically and militarily unstable ?

potentially volatile.? Decline and

disintegration not inevitable ? events overwhelmed a society that did not

welcome change and wanted to perpetuate late Roman institutions, mentality

and internal status quo. Problems: Avaro-Slavic threat grows in the Balkans,

empire lost any hold Spanish coastline, military forces spread thinly in

Africa, serious danger from Berber and other tribesmen. ? Insufficient

resources to recover Lombardy.

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