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Project Evaluation Essay, Research Paper

Looking back at the project I would say that I am very

pleased with my final product. I feel that I worked through the different

stages of development and produced a final design that fulfils the

specifications very well. The few problems incurred during the development of

the stem were tackled well and solved in an innovative way beneficial to the

design. I felt that I managed my time well, setting myself target goals of

which to reach week by week ensuring that I didn?t fall behind in my project.

The research of my project took longer than the time I had designated to it as

it was much more vast and detailed than I had perceived. The realisation of the

stem also took longer than I had imagined partially due to the accessibility of

the machines needed. The machining of the stem was a slow process, as it had to

be done with great care and precision. I had not calculated the time required

for the marking and dimensioning of the metal before it could be machined.If the project were to be embarked on again I would

approach the design of the stem from a different angle. More detail would be

taken into the different materials and manufacturing processes available as the

stem would be designed to be innovative in its material, manufacture and

function. Weather the stem would be of carbon fibre, magnesium or another

extravagant material would all have to be researched. The way in which it was

manufactured would of course be dictated to some extent by what it was made

from. Its function as a stem would also be innovative, providing suspension or

adjustability or the merging of the handlebars and steering tube into one unit.

All these areas would be researched and analysed before starting with

manufacture. If the current stem I designed were to reach mass manufacture

careful consideration would have to be taken into account about its

manufacturing line. However a company would most likely CNC machine the stems

out of solid billet L165 aluminium. CNC manufacturing (Computer Numerically

Controlled) is the use of automatic lathes in conjunction with computers. A

user will enter specific information onto a computer that will then be sent on

to a lathe or milling machine via g-codes giving the required component shape,

machining instructions and tooling requirements. This system is much faster and

has the added bonus of not allowing for human error. The stem would then have

to be marketed/advertised before release. This could be done in numerous ways

such as magazine advertisements, sponsorship, and promotion.Finally I am very happy with my project as I feel that I

fulfilled the design brief and met with the specifications as best I could. The

project has given me great satisfaction in its realisation and has inspired me

to continue working and machining metal. It has also allowed me to develop my

skills teaching me how to use a lathe and milling machine with confidence.

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