Realisation Essay, Research Paper

The silence echoed in the darkness

As the long day drew to a close.

Non existent is the birdsong

Lost many long years ago.

Slowly and steadily

Moving from one vision to the other,

The group saw for the first time

The horrors of the past-

Emptiness in the hallways

Death replacing the oxygen.

As the air became no longer breathable,

And sadness overcame the shock;

The first tears fell.

Realisation was suddenly present.

Waves of emotion flowed

As each person broke under disbelief.

The tears ran freely as it was discovered in turn

The magic, which had bestowed it?s self

On this place of pain.

But the magic is not that of the fairy kind;

It is as black as the coffins burnt among the souls.

Each candle flickering in the shadows,

Represents the hundreds and thousands

And millions of people lost to the torture

Cast from the wheel

Turned by one crazy man.

To all those who lost their lives at Auschwitz.

May your silence be heard.

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