Princess Of Cleves


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Princess Of Cleves

The princess of cleves is the first important novel because it s the first written by a woman, and it s the first non-romance. This is the first story where the ending is a tragedy rather then a happy ending. The psychological aspects of the characteristics are more realistic then ever before.

The first part of the novel is about princess and her mother they describe the characters and the mother tells the princess to marry someone she loves and is in love with. Well at a very young age the princess thinks she s in love and gets married. And later she meets this Duke of Nemours who she falls in love with. Her mother again cautions her so the princess leaves Paris and her prince.

The second part of the novel is about the Prince and he tells his wife about his friend and how the woman deceived him and later dies. Her husband wants her to return. And she thinks about telling him the truth but she knows how much it will hurt him.

The third part is about the letter how close to someone plays a part to how important he misses her. She is aware of how strong her feelings are towards the duke but she wont act on it. She is afraid of what it would do to her husband and how he would feel. She cares to much about her husband to disregard him.

And finally the forth and fifth parts are about how Confused the princess is and how her feelings to the prince she wants to be loyal to the prince. But neither the prince nor the princess are happy. She s upset cause she s unhappy and in love with someone else. So the king dies unhappy and eventually so does she. Not with the man she loves but In the mountains far away from everyone she knows and loves as torture for loving someone else other then her husband.

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