The Princess I Am


The Princess I Am Essay, Research Paper

The Princess I am

As a well-respected woman of my time, I would never in my day speak up to my superior, but this time things had gone too far and I had had enough. I was tired of watching myself and other fellow women being treated like a piece of meat by the men that dominated our lives, and I decided that, with the help of many others I would put an end to it.

It all started the day I heard the Grand King Oric, ask for my hand in marriage. It was a great honor I thought to be a Queen, being pampered, waited on hand and foot and not having to do a thing. However, to be married to an absolute King with all power and wealth was even a finer glory. As I planned my luxurious wedding with the help of my maidens, I dreamed of what a fine life I would have, but I soon realized how wrong I was.

As the wedding day soon advanced, I still had not seen my suitor. Of coarse I heard of him, but never had I seen the man up close. I grew rather curious, and soon my temptations got to the best of me. One night when the sky was black as coal and the only light I had was from the moon, I ventured out, disguised as one of my servant girls, to try to catch a glimpse of my beau. I slinked along the winding river and soon approached the King?s castle. It was enormous, I did not think I could find him such a broad place. Nevertheless I walked in, and began my search.

There were many fine lodgings indeed in the castle, yet the one that caught my attention by far was the angry, stern voices coming out of what looked like to be a storage room. I drew nearer and the voices softened, then all at once a large obese man scampered out, protesting how he demanded to see his bride, with his hireling behind him. I thought to myself, could this be my groom? I did not know for sure, so I took it upon myself to find out. As I closely followed the two men, I overheard the plump King tell his servile, that he needed a young mistress to raise and bring about his children, since his last wife was an old hag, and was now beheaded for being so. As soon as I heard this, I immediately thought to myself, do I have to be with a man that will only love me for bearing his children? I did not think so. I dashed out of the castle, and went back to my awaiting bed.

The next morning I awoke with a different perspective on men. Most men I realized at this time were not at all the gentlemen we thought them to be. I decided to obtain many of the other women in the village and rally to put a stop to men like King Oric.

However after a few months many of the women stopped rallying and decided they liked the old regime better. After I resolved that man were not all that wicked. I then married, despite the fact he was not of noble blood and of no great worth, however, he did treat me like the princess I was. As I look back on how little I did for women kind, I did open up the idea, that women should be treated equally as good as men.

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