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Women have High status in Filipino society.

Filipino women were given the right of suffrage long before some of their western and easten sisters

Women maintain a very high profile in public life. They have entered professions that in other countries are traditionally reserved for men. They are doctors, lawyers, and bankers and dominate the fields of education and pharmacy.

They generally acquire more formal education than males at every level.

From a young age they are given much more responsibility within the family than their brothers

Girls grow up with strong self-image.

In both urban and farming families, women enjoy equality within their marriage

Family property is divided equally among all children, and women retain ownership even after marriage.


Filipino families are much closer than those of the west

Children are brought up to be polite, cooperative, modest and religious

Communal feeling is encouraged

The family defines an orderly world which each member has a specific place, with obligations and privileges

Upon marrying, newly-weds usually set up their own home, but family ties remain strong.

They often take in a brother or sister to ease the burden on parents and help with chores.

The husband is nominally head of the household

But the wife runs the home and manages the finances

The elderly are respected and cared for

Placing an elderly in a retirement home would be considered an offence

When a Filipino needs help, he can depend oh his family; likewise, he can be called upon to help others in need.

Those with wealth and power, especially, are expected to assist their less fortunate relatives.

Those living away from home contribute to the family budget and are warmly welcomed when they return for fiestas and social occasions.

Unlike westerners, who draw strength from independence, Filipinos like the security of this interdependent existence, with its close bonds bred of mutual responsibility.


Socially Filipinos have a very relaxed attitude toward promptness and punctuality

Few people are punctual for social engagements. In fact, no one is expected to turn up at the right time at a party.

References to time may be vague, “by and by” and “in a little while” are common phrases.

If a local tells you a bus is due into town “by and by”, he probably means within the hour.

Punctuality on social occasions is considered abnormal

If a Filipino invites you to lunch at 12, he really means 2pm.

A punctual appearance would be met by embarrassed smiles

It almost bad manners to behave so formally

In the business environment they are very punctual with deadlines

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