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January 18th, 1995

Life is a white water river. At first I paddle slowly

along the uncharacteristically-calm waters to school. I

have got to steel myself to keep up with the tiresome work

that lies ahead of me.

The heavy waves of work pound me tirelessly as I attempt

to manoevour around the feared whirlpool of depression,

which at any given time can pull me under and swallow me


While in the river, which I call life, I have to be in

control at all times; I must quickly steer and paddle away

from the massive rocks and devouring waves. When travelling

along a rough river, it is essential that the rafter be a

quick thinker, and only the experienced rafter can outwit

the many perils that lie ahead.

Sure, I am apt to make mistakes, I can only imagine how

many times waves have knocked my raft over while learning; I

can only imagine how many rocks my raft has crashed into

when I did not recieve a top mark; I can only imagine how

many dreadful times my usually sturdy raft has almost been

pulled into the whirlpool of depression.

On the other hand, there are many positive aspects to

this white water river with its exhilarating highs and its

anticipated lows. There are many interested people whom I

may accidentalily bump my raft into on my way, and, of

course, the river can give me the ultimate thrill of knowing

that I have managed to succeed the dastardly rough-waters.

then, as the water begins to flow smoothly again, I can

relax and cherish the experience, and anticipate the dangers

and hard work that lie ahead.

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